Is it hard to get up in the morning? These 7 routines will help you get active

Getting up early costs a lot. The vast majority are too lazy to get up when the alarm clock rings so early, but you have to do it. And it is that, if you rush the time you get up, it is most likely that you will go in a hurry later: you have a quick coffee for breakfast, you dress with the first thing you see in the closet (even if you don’t like it), and you even leave the bed unmade.

Squeezing the hours you sleep is good, but starting the day in a hurry and without good organization is not. What we did not know is that there were some little habits that can completely change how do you get up in the morning. You will regain your inner balance, you will be more organized and you will get up early even in a better mood.

1. Stretch

Back pain is derived from many factors: stress, sedentary lifestyle, anxiety, poor posture, a pillow in poor condition… However, it can be remedied from the moment you get up.

To do this, the first thing you should do when you wake up is Extending all the body while you’re lying down. This small gesture will activate your body, improve the blood in the muscles, concentration will increase and you will begin to notice more energy. It is one of the ways that the body has to oxygenate the mint and face the day better.

Then sit up and do some neck stretching exercises and back to loosen tensions accumulated during the night.

2. Get up an hour earlier

According to hal elrodauthor of the book, ‘Miraculous mornings: the 6 habits that will change your life before 8:00’getting up for an hour can change your whole day. With only wake up an hour earlieryou can seize the day in another way. You will have more energy, concentration and motivation throughout the day. You can get up an hour to spend time eating breakfast, playing sports or simply meditating.

3. Make the bed

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Making the bed every day is essential. It is a task that cannot be missed. If you don’t make the bed, the house will look messy, if not shabby. Also, one of the tricks to lead a more organized and balanced life. It won’t take you even 5 minutes. Yes indeed, iTry to freshen the bed before making it, opening the bedroom window and shaking the sheets to prevent dust mites from accumulating.

4. A balanced breakfast


The rush does not help and less in the morning. Having a quick coffee and forgetting to make a healthy breakfast is not a good idea. Dedicate to least 15 minutes to have breakfast quietly. You can read, talk with your partner, with the children or simply enjoy a moment in the morning alone and eating healthy. Eating a balanced breakfast will make you face the day with more energy and a good mood.

5. Avoid reading emails until you’re at work

Try to distract yourself during the first hours of the morning with things that you like or spend time with yours. Have breakfast without pauses, but without rushing. Do not look at the emails that arrive until you are not at work. If you’re working from home, just look at your inbox until you actually get to work. This small gesture will help you relax and start the day without so much stress from the first thing in the morning.

6. Play sports

If you can, do sports in the morning. It is true that it is not feasible for everyone, due to work, the kids or because the gym is a bit far away. But, if you can, try to exercise from the first hour. Sport is a great way to start the day. when you do exercise generates endorphinswhich help you feel better. Doing sports in the morning will also mean that if you don’t feel like going to the gym in the afternoon, you won’t have any excuses.

Easy yoga in 30 minutes: a complete online course to do yoga at home


Easy yoga in 30 minutes: a complete online course to do yoga at home

7. Plan the tasks

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Surely on Sunday you sit at plan the week you can do it even every night before bed. That way, when you get up you’ll know what you have during the day and what things you should prioritize. It is important to make a good organization to optimize times and be able to get to everything well. You will improve your day and you will be able to do things more calmly.

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