Is it a good idea to include protein in a healthy breakfast?



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Is it a good idea to include protein in a healthy breakfast?

They will give us satiety, helping to control appetite

Foods that give us proteins

In the doctor’s opinion, therefore, include proteins in a healthy breakfast. “You must not miss the proteins without much fat such as a poached egg, low-fat yogurt, smoked salmon or turkey ham. It could also be a soft cheese like mozzarella or feta,” he tells us.

And it highlights the protein contribution of a specific food. “A food that contains a good amount of proteins and of high biological value is the egg. We also receive proteins through fat-free dairy products, that is, skimmed (milk, kefir yogurt, Burgos-type cheese, mozzarella or feta). We can also obtain protein from Serrano ham, pork shoulder or turkey breast. Without forgetting those that contain, as we said, salmon or tuna,” he clarifies.

There are also alternatives proteins vegetables, suitable for vegan diets, such as those that provide nuts such as pistachios, hemp seeds.

What can they give us? proteins if we take them for breakfast?

The doctor explains that the proteins At breakfast they will give us satiety and they will help us control our appetite, so that we can better endure the morning without snacking. “They also stimulate cortisol to stay active, which helps keep metabolism high. The amino acids in proteins they can improve the internal homeostasis of the body, it also maintains muscle mass and can promote an increase in concentration and body temperature.

Do we have a good breakfast?

We take the opportunity to ask the specialist if, in his opinion, in general, we make healthy breakfasts or have room for improvement. “In Spain, a very healthy breakfast was not made, since many people ate nothing or almost nothing for breakfast. Then they ate breakfasts with a high sugar content (sweets, industrial pastries). There is no custom of eat fruit for breakfast (despite being the best time of the day) and little protein was consumed (only the milk from the coffee).