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Is a pre-wrapped and pre-washed salad from supermarkets healthy?

Easy to buy and convenient for preparing quick dishes, but is the pre-shrunk salad that we find in supermarkets healthy?

Pre-washed salad is unhealthy
A nice bowl of salad (photo from Adobe Stock)

Easy to buy and convenient for preparing quick dishes, but the salad bagged and pre-washed that we find in supermarkets is healthy? This depends on the processing that the vegetable undergoes, because it is depleted of its main nutrients due to washing in the factory and its packaging, undergoing special operations before reaching the shelves.

By the way, when you buy salads at the supermarket, they look so fresh and long-lasting, but sometimes that’s not quite the case. In the refrigerator, the packaged salad remains green for even three or four days, but the eye is deceived by the color. The nutrients of the vegetable, in fact, come slowly eliminatedstarting from recollection on the ground. The freshly picked leaves already begin to lose their properties, only to arrive in nutrient-poor stores. But what happens in Italy?

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Because the wrapped salad loses its nutrients. What changes in Italy

Bagged salad on market shelves
Salad on market shelves (photo from Adobe Stock)

To wrap and pack the vegetables, factories use a particular gasthis is to keep the leaves fresh and to make them last a long time. This technique, also specified on the back of the label, protects the freshness of the salad, but at the same time eliminates its nutrients. If you notice, as soon as you open the packages, sometimes the vegetables wither within a few hours.

This happens because now they reach our tables lacking in nutritional properties and already weakened. Unlike spinach, or rocket, which are dark leafy vegetables, the salad weakens earlier. Once the factories have collected all the vegetables to be packaged, they move on to washing. However, this too is often not done correctly.

Especially abroad, factories soak vegetables in a solution of water and chlorine that is not changed for many hours, making a mistake. Chlorine is used to disinfect the leaves of the salad, thus killing deposited insects and bacteria, which are the cause of many food poisoning. One thing needs to be clarified: in Italy the mechanism is differentmost Italian companies guarantee the safety and freshness of the products placed on the market.

The companies associated with the UIF (Italian Food Union) take products from selected farms and located near the production plants. The short supply chain guarantees freshness of the food product and also safety in washing. According to current legislation, salad washing is carried out in tubs with continuous exchange of drinking water and through advanced technological systems.

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The Ministry of Health guarantees the safety of the product marketed and sold in supermarkets. Through scrupulous checks the product displayed in food stores is therefore safe and ready for consumptionsince the raw materials do not undergo any treatment. Between harvesting, processing and selling, the time spent is minimal.