Irene Rosales wears the oversize leather-effect shirt that has become the ‘must have’ for spring

Irene Rosales considers herself a great fan of fashion and trends and has not been able to resist having the quintessential garment that will be a hit in spring. Don’t run out of yours because they are flying!

The leather effect fabric has become the maximum trend. There is no one who has not yet been made with a garment with these characteristics and it is that in addition to being ideal, your looks will get an extra contribution of sophistication. While Ivana Icardi has in her possession the blazer that you need to have in your dressing room right now, Irene Rosales has worn, with her characteristic elegance, a perfect alternative: an oversize shirt that will elevate your day-to-day outfits.

Irene Rosales is the biggest fan of this type of clothing. During her stage in Viva la vida, she showed that shirts and blazers are wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. Even, the suits have become his best allies: with jacket and pants fuchsiawith jacket and skirt purple… There are multiple options and Kiko Rivera’s women’s wardrobe is extremely varied, but without a doubt, the oversize leather-effect shirt is always going to be a resounding YES.

In her latest Instagram post, Irene Rosales has shown off this loose black garment, with a lapel collar, front pockets and snap button fastening. This shirt is, without a doubt, the should have of the spring that is about to arrive and the formulas when combining them are multiple… The best of all? You can find it in your favorite stores. For example, at Stradivarius they have one for only 25.99 euros. Isabel Pantoja’s daughter-in-law has opted for two basics with which she has been successful: pants of the same color and a white t-shirt.

Irene Rosales, ideal with an oversize leather effect shirt.

Instagram @irenerova24

Although we are looking forward to the good weather and the heat, the reality is that there are still days of cold and Irene Rosales has the sublime complement to destroy wherever you go. Indeed, we are talking about the quilted vest that became so fashionable in autumn and winter and with which the former collaborator has managed to give this much-needed chic touch to her mid-season looks.