Irene Rosales boasts of a great guy in a bikini from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean

Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales They packed their bags and headed to paradise with their two daughters. A few days of family disconnection in which marriage has been seen more united than ever, oblivious to all kinds of controversies. Very active in social networks, the Sevillian opened the season with a bikini pose with whom he has shown off as a great guy on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

In the snapshot, Irene Rosales opted for a white two-piece with original and colorful leopard print that couldn’t sit better. It is a classic triangle model with low-rise panties with which he has shown the results of his last months of sports and healthy eating.

With her hair half up in a casual bun and sunglasses, Irene smiles at the person behind the lens as she climbs out of the water. An idyllic picture that reflects how important this getaway with her husband and her daughters is being for her.

Irene Rosales during her vacation in the Caribbean

Instagram @irenerova24

But it has not been the only one… Through stories, Irene Rosales shared another of her beach poses, this time from the hammock. On this occasion, the former television collaborator wore a yellow bikini with light ruffles that gives more volume to the upper area. An image in which she already boasted a Caribbean tan.

Kiko Rivera’s wife is determined to start a new stage away from the media and just a few weeks ago she announced her new professional adventure, a handbag firm that promises to be a bestseller.

Irene Rosales

Irene Rosales from her vacation in the Caribbean

Instagram @irenerova24

The escape of Irene Rosales and Kiko Rivera has coincided with the signing of Anabel Pantoja for ‘Survivors 2022’. Although the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ has received the support of many family and friends, including Isa Pantoja or Omar Sánchez, for now the couple remains silent and has not reacted publicly to the news.