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More and more adventurers decide to travel with a backpack as their only company. Some more choose to make their journeys with their partner, family or friends. And another large group of women work in the vast world of hospitality. Absolutely all, from their passions and desires, maneuver the helm of the captivating tourism industry.

Important positions in airlines, shipping companies, secretaries and tourist offices are today occupied by female leaders. Resort managers, museum directors, as well as renowned chefs and sommeliers inspire other travelers to plan tailor-made routes.

There are those who choose to recognize the cultural legacy of a World Heritage City such as Puebla or San Miguel de Allende. Gastrotourism lovers like listening to the traditional cooks of Michoacán, who have put Mexican cuisine on the world culinary map, as well as visiting the restaurants of award-winning chefs.

The ecotourism offer of Magical Towns such as Jala, in Nayarit, or corners that seem paradisiacal such as Holbox Island are ideal for disconnecting from everyday stress and reconnecting with nature. Destinations of the so-called Grand Costa Maya, among which Bacalar, Chetumal and Mahahual stand out, also lend themselves to celebrating a personal or work achievement, grieving (whether due to separation, divorce or the death of a loved one) or practicing workcation, trend that, apparently, is here to stay.
Diving, snorkeling, reaching a summit, completing a hiking trail, joining a yoga retreat or a wellness treatment at a specialized resort are other reasons that encourage you to plan an itinerary.

There is no lack of people who buy a ticket inspired by a book or movie where destiny changed the life of the protagonist. In the autobiographical novel Eat, Pray and Love (2006), for example, Elizabeth Gilbert narrates the journey of self-discovery that a woman undertakes through Italy, India and Indonesia, after a painful divorce. In the film version, Liz is played by Julia Roberts.

However, learning a language and taking a photography, gastronomy, oenology or mixology course are also topics that arouse plans in female travelers. Fortunately, today there are websites and specialized agencies such as that make it possible to meet with renowned businesswomen, athletes and writers from around the world to exchange experiences.

We wanted to commemorate Women’s Day by presenting some trends that encourage you to complete your travel wish list and pack a good dose of both tolerance and openness, which are essential for a memorable experience.

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Traveling alone or in small groups of friends is in vogue and there are destinations that are paying a lot of attention to it. Costa Rica, for example, has Red Sofía, a program that supports female travelers so that each adventurer explores and enjoys the various sites. In addition, the project seeks gender equality in the Costa Rican tourism industry, prevent violence against women and ensure safer environments for those who travel without company. More information at: