Ingrid Betancourt and Rodolfo Hernández: Alliance in sight?

This Friday, at 8:00 am, the presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt met in a private breakfast with the candidate Rodolfo Hernández.

WEEK learned that the meeting, requested by the ex-kidnapped, took place at the Santa Clara Hotel in Cartagena, where both presidential candidates met in the middle of their campaigns.

Hernández and Betancourt spoke for more than an hour and it is unknown, at least officially, if they touched on the possibility of establishing a possible presidential alliance for the first round on May 29.

It should be remembered that, until this Sunday, the candidates have a deadline to define their possible alliances.

Betancourt has been close to Rodolfo Hernández. Recently, she told WEEK that she was willing to join the former mayor of Bucaramanga if Sergio Fajardo was part of the triplet that would guarantee the center a possible chance of victory.

Since the alliance did not happen, Hernández would like to have the ex-kidnapped woman in his political campaign. In fact, Ingrid Betacourt did not take off and, on the contrary, she seems to deflate as the days go by.

In the survey of the National Consulting Center for WEEKthe Colombian-French went from 0.9% on April 21 to 0.6% on May 19, while Rodolfo Hernández registered a technical tie with Federico Gutiérrez and became the only candidate who equaled Gustavo Petro in percentage in a possible second round.

“We remain in contact by telephone with Rodolfo Hernández, with Sergio Fajardo communication is more difficult due to the background of the coalition. However, I have many contacts with some members of the Centro Esperanza coalition,” Betancourt said recently in Vicky in Week.

In Hernández’s campaign they are clear that a possible endorsement of Betancourt would not translate into an electoral flow, but it would in an important blow of opinion for the engineer less than ten days before the elections, because the leader of Verde Oxígeno is known for his anti-corruption and anti-machinery discourse.

It is expected that in the next few hours it will be revealed what decision the two presidential candidates reached, who had breakfast in the presence of Ángel Becassino, Rodolfo Hernández’s Argentine strategist.

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