Inflation: Denny’s Helps Americans Stretch Money, Launches $6.99 Endless Breakfast

Denny’s is looking to help Americans affected by rising inflation with an endless breakfast promotion.

Photo: Denny’s/Courtesy

As inflation reaches historic levels not seen since 1982 and Americans face the rising prices at gas stations and the impact of labels on supermarket checkoutsAmerica’s Diner is offering the Endless Breakfast promotion.

Denny’s wants to give more value for money and that is why it will be offering individuals and families its promotion of a endless buttermilk pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs and hash browns starting at $6.99 (price is subject to local market, in some states the Endless Breakfast is $8.99).

“As Americans are impacted by a unique combination of current events, and gas, rent and the costs of supermarket staples like eggs, milk and cheese continue to rise, Denny’s is proud to offer our guests Endless Breakfast at a time when we know every dollar matterssaid John Dillon, brand director for Denny’s.

This promotion is now available and will be valid until June 21. Additionally, consumers can upgrade and add unlimited bacon or sausage to the meal for an additional $0.99.

“We successfully tested Endless Breakfast extensively before the pandemic. With inflation on everyone’s mind and continuing to affect Americans everywhere, we knew it was the perfect time to launch this agreement. Now, Denny’s is one of the only places where you can fill up and leave knowing you got the best for your moneyDillon said.

Denny’s reminds customers that Endless Breakfast is the latest promotion in the brand’s Open for Anything campaign that launched in February with the menu influenced by Social Stars. Denny’s campaign reiterates the chain’s philosophy of always being open for its guests from all backgrounds to have a good time and eat when they want.

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