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two showstopping christmas candies. The first is the amazing choco pistachio cake: three cakes for the head will make for a generous serving, and if you have more guests, just bake more cakes and build a taller tower. The second is festive with Big Mama’s signature tiramisu, a great way to use up leftover old panettone (or to add a fruity, spiced flavor to a traditional classic). Also keep in mind that I always measure liquids for baking – it’s more accurate – so I recommend you do the same.

All I want for Christmas is choux (top photo)

to equip 20 minutes
cook 1 hour 40 minutes
serves 4 (and easily upgradeable)

for choux (makes 12 buns)
60 grams of full fat milk
60 grams of water
3 grams of granulated sugar
A pinch of fine salt

50 grams of unsalted butterCut into small cubes
60 grams of all-purpose flour
3 eggs
to beat gently

custard filling
70 grams of full fat milk
70 grams of double cream
¼ vanilla podI scraped out the seeds
2 egg yolks
20 grams of granulated sugar
10 grams of corn flour
20 grams of unsalted butter

120 grams of cold whipping Kareem

for the chocolate sauce
80 grams of water
120 grams of granulated sugar
40 grams of good cocoa powder
For example, Green & Black’s or another sugar-free version
A pinch of fine salt

Pistachio spread
100 grams of white chocolate
⅓ tsp Vegetable oil
60 grams of pistachio paste – We love biryani or Gaziantep

Preheat the oven to 190°C (fan 170°C) / 375°F / Gas 5. For the roast, Put the milk, water, sugar, salt and butter cubes in a medium saucepan and heat gently until the butter melts (you should do this before the mixture begins to boil). When the butter has melted, bring the mixture to a slow boil, then remove from the heat, add all the flour and stir with a wooden spoon until the dough starts to come off the sides of the pan.

If you have a stand mixer, put the dough into the bowl and start mixing with the flat paddle. Add the beaten eggs little by little and continue mixing until it becomes shiny and smooth. If you don’t have a mixer, put the dough in a bowl, then beat the eggs little by little with a spatula. Once the dough is ready, place it in a piping bag.

Line a large oven tray (or trays) with baking paper. Cut 1cm off the end of the piping bag, then, one by one, roll out balls of choux dough onto the tray(s), leaving a 3cm gap between each one, so that they have room to expand in the oven. Reduce hot oven to 185°C (Fan 165°C) / 360°F / Gas 4°, place in tray and bake for about 20 minutes. Turn the oven back on, this time to 170°C (fan 150°C)/340°F/gas 3°, open the door slightly, so steam can escape, and bake for another 15 minutes. Remove the choux bread and leave to cool.

Now for the custard. Gently heat the milk, cream, vanilla and seeds in a saucepan. Meanwhile, mix the egg yolks, sugar, and cornstarch in a small bowl. When the milk mixture comes to a boil, remove the vanilla pod, then pour half of the hot milk into the egg yolk mixture and stir to combine. Put this into the remaining milk in the pan, and cook, whisking, over moderate heat until it comes to a boil, then remove from the heat. Whisk the diced butter until blended (alternatively, blend to make a more uniform custard), set aside to cool, then refrigerate.

When the custard has cooled, stir it with a whisk, just to soften it up a bit. In a bowl, beat cold whipping cream to the consistency of shaving cream, then fold into the custard and transfer to another bag.

Now make the chocolate sauce. In a saucepan, make a syrup with the water and sugar, and once the sugar has dissolved and the syrup has boiled, whisk together the cocoa powder and salt (or whisk them in a blender) and leave one side to cool (if you like to filter the sauce through a sieve).

Finally, chop the pistachios. Gently melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave (be careful not to burn it), add the oil and pistachio paste, and let cool.

To assemble the pudding, pierce the flat side of each choux bun with a small knife. One by one, tube the creamy custard – the filling should protrude slightly, which will come in handy later when stacking the cakes.

Arrange the filled choux buns on a platter in the form of a beautiful tall tower, mountain or pile, and take them to the table. At the last minute, the cold chocolate sauce is drizzled all over, drizzled over the pistachios and served.


Terramistellito Raphael Henry.

Compile this the day before you want to apply it.

to equip 10 minutes
association 20 minutes
Cold Overnight
serves 4

To prepare the tiramisu cream
170 grams of whipping cream
250 grams of mascarpone
50 grams of soft sugar
3 large egg yolks
(63 grams)

for coffee
270 grams of fresh coffeeAs strong as you like it
80 grams of water
40 grams sent

to the base
3 slices of good panettone
cocoa powder
or chocolate chips, to finish

In a bowl (a chilled bowl, ideally, as it will help the cream thicken), use an electric mixer to combine all of the tiramisu cream ingredients, until the mixture looks like shaving cream; It should be shiny and stick away slightly from the sides of the bowl. Don’t mix too much or it will taste like butter.

Dilute the warm coffee with water, stir in the marsala, and set aside to cool. If the panettone is too old and dry, build the tiramisu while the coffee is still warm; If it’s fresh, build it up with a cold brew coffee blend.

Place a slice of banneton in the base of a deep serving dish (a rectangular gratin dish or similar would be ideal) and brush with the softened coffee to infuse. Put a layer of tiramisu cream, then repeat the process a second time. If your dish is deep enough, add a third layer each of panettone and cream. Put it in the fridge overnight.

The next day, sprinkle cocoa powder all over or sprinkle over chocolate chips, and serve.

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