Biden serves Macron American cheese at an official dinner at the White House | Jill Biden

It is a bold maneuver by the Americans, to meet the French in an arena they have always mastered par excellence: wine and cheese.

But such is the sing-along of the Biden generation that she will present the best of America to the French president, Emmanuel Macron, his wife, Brigitte Macron, and their entourage at a lavish dinner at the White House on Thursday — just one of the elaborations and valuable gifts that have formed. Part of the diplomatic dance surrounding the state visit.

When the Elysee Palace revealed the list of gifts that Macron will present to his US counterpart, Joe Biden, including the luxurious Christofle Cup, the US President’s wife revealed the venue and list for the night’s dinner party.

A table is being set as the media previews the state dinner. Photo: Andrew Harnick/The Associated Press

It will be served under a large tent in the gardens, at tables laden with candelabra and flowers in the colors of the two countries.

Lobsters—200 live oysters made their final trip to Washington—will be served alongside beef and squash from the White House garden and muffins, among other delicacies.

But the First Lady especially insisted on introducing American cheeses, including a blue cheese from northwest Oregon that was the first American producer to win the World Cheese Championship, in 2019.

Toast will be served with American sparkling wine – albeit in glasses made in France. The evening will be hosted by Jean-Baptiste, a jazz musician from Louisiana, the former province ceded by France to the United States, who Macron will visit on Friday.

The White House has not yet revealed what gifts will be given to Macron, but Paris has announced that it will present Biden with the trophy from Christofle, the fine cutlery and jewelry company that supplied the prestigious cruise ship Normandy, among other things.

As such, it is a reference to the transatlantic relationship. The French ship’s maiden voyage to New York was an international triumph in 1935.

The French president also took a score for the soundtrack to Claude Lelouch’s 1966 film Un homme et une femme (A Man and a Woman), and the director himself was part of the French delegation.

The song of the same name, with the Dabadapada refrain (often retranslated Chapadapada), composed by Francis Lai, was awarded the Golden Globe Award at the time.

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