Over the top: How to cheer up soup | vegetables

what can i do for soup to make more interesting?
Helen, Oxford
“You can really go down the rabbit hole with this,” says Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes of Lespoieta in London. The soup is transformed by adding crunchy, creamy, fresh, and/or herbal foods, he says, but you can be as simple (yogurt, boiled eggs, toasted nuts) or fancy (fish rice) as you like. Mendes says smooth vegetable soup always welcomes a few extra veggies at the end—he suggests chopping up more of the veggies you used as the base of the soup, then mixing them with fresh herbs, lemon zest, and spoonfuls on top. “Or drip raw cauliflower or broccoli into couscous, season it and add the herbs,” he adds. Lucy Carr Ellison, co-founder of Wild by Tart, says vegetable scraps, too, can give a lot of soup a boost: “Use carrot tops to make pesto, or chop up raw beetroot tops and mix with olive oil and lemon juice.”

Root vegetable soup is happily paired with fruit in various forms. Mendes floats slices of orange atop his beetroot soup, then tops it with a little olive oil and celery, for example, while Ramael Scully, executive chef and co-owner of Scully in London, suggests sprinkling pickled pomegranate seeds in red grape vinegar, pomegranate juice, sugar, and a little water. over pumpkin soup. Yeast will also give the likes of rich parsnip soup a welcome kick, as Mendes adds chopped kimchi, brown butter, and toasted pine nuts to it.

Dukkah is Nour Murad’s main trick for adding texture to soups that “get boring after a while”. “Use whatever nuts, spices, and seeds you have on hand,” says co-author of Ottolenghi Test Kitchen’s Extra Good Things. Roast cumin seeds, coriander, dried oregano, paprika, and a mix of nuts. [hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts and/or almonds]then roughly crushed.” Meanwhile, Sabrina Jeer, author of Persiana Everyday, rubs chickpeas with garlic granules, curry powder, and olive oil, then roasts them until crunchy and sprinkles them on top for a “crunchy, chewy taste.” As an added bonus, “you can use them in Sandwiches and salads too.”

And that’s the nice thing about soup lids: they can be reused in many dishes. Scully’s Mixed Seed Bunch is another example: “Mix pumpkin, sunflower, and nigella seeds in a bowl with light olive oil, maple syrup, salt, and chili flakes, then toast in a skillet,” he says. Transfer to a greased tray and bake for 20-30 minutes. “The trick is to stir the seeds so they don’t burn. Treat them like granola.”

Leftover grilled chicken can be shredded and used on top fuFor example, says Carr-Ellison, while crunchy pancetta is a winner when mixed with walnuts, olive oil, and parsley, and poured over all root vegetable soups. chorizo This is Mendes’ favorite way to get crowned warm green (Portuguese potato and green soup); It was also known to be roasted bread (cornbread) with smoked chouriço spread and float on top. The toast deserves an honorable mention, too. Murad fryes a bit of sourdough in olive oil and thyme (“you can throw it in a roasted chicken dripping too”), while Melissa Hemsley prefers halloumi cubes fried in butter, ghee or oil until golden.

Essentially, there are almost as many ways to prepare soup as the soup itself, but if Helen is still in doubt, Jealous suggests “going for your favorite snack,” whether it’s roasted corn or potato chips. Just make sure it won’t fall apart (I’m looking at you, Quavers).

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