INABIE pays more than RD$5,633 million to suppliers

INABIE offices.

The National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE)has resolved the releases for more than 5 thousand 633 million pesos in payments to suppliers of the different types of services provided by the institution to the student population of the national public education system.

According to the latest report of payments processed by the financial area of ​​the institute, between the months of November 2021 and March of this year, thousands of suppliers have been impacted, which reaffirms the fulfillment of the commitments with these sectors despite the challenges administrative staff with which the institution was received.

RD$ 3,064,957,656 million paid corresponding to suppliers of food rations for the lunch of the Extended School Day, including advance payment and invoices.

Also, to settle the debt with the liquid providers, 100 releases have been disbursed for a value of RD$ 1,836,824,375 million.

Invoices received from the PAE Urbano modality (bread and biscuits) for breakfast from educational centers located in urban areas of the national territory have also been managed, in this category RD$649 million were paid.

To this are also added other accounts for services rendered for which 107 commitments have been issued that cover RD$82,732,038, which completes the amount of RD$5,633,514,070 million.

“We appreciate the support of suppliers in this process and we remain committed to continuing to streamline each pending payment and thus ensure that our students continue to receive the services they need for comprehensive well-being,” said Executive Director Víctor Castro.

Among the services provided by INABIE to students are breakfast, lunch and snack, as well as oral, hearing and visual health assistance, among others. Also, each year school clothing is delivered to students whose families are in some vulnerable condition.