In Tlaxcala is the kitchen of the future: Chef Irad Santacruz

“If someone knew the cuisine of Tlaxcala, they would say that it is the cuisine of the world, of the future, because today it sets trends and directs us towards what to consume or eat. A titanic job has been done so that people recognize and visualize the cuisine as this unknown giant, for this reason everything possible is done to bring Tlaxcalan cuisine out of anonymity”externalized the chef Irad Santacruz Arciniega.

In interview with MILLENNIUM Pueblapointed out that this path has not been easy, since it has been 15 years since the creation of the Tlaxcalteca Cuisine Research Center where research has been carried out, it has also lived with the cooks to learn about the traditional dishes of the state.

Given this, Irad stressed that corn is the backbone of the country and in Tlaxcala, but if it is not protected, up to 350 dishes of traditional cuisine can be lost.. In this context, he explained that corn is one of the fundamental ingredients in the agro-food ecosystem called milpa and in Tlaxcala up to 34 ingredients are produced that are part of the diet. In addition to this, Tlaxcala has a very special bond, since its own name means “the corn tortilla place”.

The chef highlighted that one of the national emblems is the taco and it is prepared from the tortilla, for which he specified that this product of the basic basket is an arduous work of 12 months.

According to the Tlaxcalteca Cuisine Research Center, there is a record of 124 varieties of corn in the second smallest state in the countrywhich speaks of its diversity. With pride, Santacruz expressed that the state is “the granary that feeds Mexico City, because much of the product that is consumed in that place comes from Tlaxcala”.

“The road has been very difficult. We had several points against us, one was the city; two, a man in a kitchen and three, youth, that part that tells you: ‘what are you going to know at a young age about the profession of chef’ and ‘how someone with the profession is going to get into the kitchen with smoke , to pots and pans’. These were the setbacks and we had to face all the adversities, ”she emphasized.

The love for the taste is born

Gladly, Irad Santacruz recalled that he was a hyperactive child and therefore performed complicated kitchen tasks for “to be busy with the hands”; In this way, her love for cooking was born and she began her studies to later have the opportunity of a scholarship abroad.

The chef, who has also participated in gastronomic festivals inside and outside of Mexico, highlighted that his parents were a fundamental axis for loving cooking and this passion increased when he met the Tlaxcaltecas who practice traditional cooking.

culinary diversity

For the researcher of traditional recipes, there is no emblematic dish, since there is a diversity, however, the party mole that is tasted every eight days stands out. However, he said that the ambassador is the party bread, present in religious celebrations.

He argued that currently the icon of Tlaxcalan cuisine is the basket taco, since a large part of Mexicans have eaten the traditional ones from San Vicente Xiloxochitla and Nativites. In that sense, he stressed that there is not a single dish, because with the investigation there is a record of 365 recipes, but the chileatole is his favorite.

Lastly, he wishes that the Research Center be opened to the public shortly. He trusts that in 10 years the dream of having the first Tlaxcala Cookbook so that people have the information at hand: “I hope that in 10 years the cuisine of Tlaxcala will be an international benchmark.”