In Orvieto, the salad that changes color and flavor grows

ORVIETO There is a type of salad that changes color and flavor according to the seasons. It is grown in the Orvieto area and is making the chefs happy who, to buy it, no longer have to go abroad. With her micro salad from her Chiara Irene Achilli, owner of her together with her husband of the company L’orto del tamburino, won the Coldiretti green Oscar for creativity.
«For Umbria, a land characterized by the culture of oil and of, our product is unusual. We grow micro salads and miniature vegetables similar to sprouts which, growing on the ground, change color and flavor according to the season. In Italy we were the first producers ».
If, in fact, in Italy it is rather young productions, abroad these crops are already known and more widespread. After all, the idea of ​​setting up such a particular agricultural activity comes from a combination of ingredients that finds its seed on the benches of the university. I am Italian-Australian, my husband is Canadian says Chiara Irene Achilli – We met in Vancouver where we both studied holistic nutrition. At some point we felt the need to do more than just give simple nutrition advice. Our dream was to create a concrete link between theory and practice, between these suggestions and food in the strict sense. So, when we came to Italy, we decided to dedicate ourselves to this type of cultivation. We had no experience in agriculture, but we were very passionate about plants and microbiology.
The departure, however, was not so simple. We made mistakes at the beginning – remembers the entrepreneur but also many experiments through which we have refined the production. The bureaucratic tasks have often been an obstacle to the activity that, despite everything, has gone on and today Chiara Irene and her husband can say that it was worth it: the cultivation has also extended to other types of vegetables and edible flowers. , and the commercial part of the company has also grown. In fact, production started, the other key step was the presentation of these vegetables to restaurants. Here too, the company has taken one step after another, starting from the home kitchen. We started preparing some samples and then we took them to the restaurants in Orvieto, Chiara Irene Achilli tells us that they immediately appreciated the product. Chefs were already familiar with this type of salad which they bought from large Dutch distributors. Having this vegetable on the doorstep, knowing its clean production and testing its properties, was a turning point for them. In short, the business found its share of the market especially in Umbria and Lazio. “For a year, adds Chiara Irene Achilli, we have been collaborating with a platform that puts us in contact with Roman restaurateurs”. Covid has also heavily felt its effects on L’orto del tamburino. «It was difficult to reveal the owner, we discovered our vulnerability. Our business, linked to catering in turn linked to tourism, has been affected by the global situation but already this year, with the return of tourists, especially Italians, to the Orvieto area, it is better ”. Five years after the start of the business, what makes the difference compared to the industrial productions that have developed in the meantime, is always the homemade way in which Chiara Irene Achilli and her husband carry out their creative production.