In Guasave, they will unite gastronomy with culture in show cooking this Saturday

GUASAVE. _ Taking La Casona del Museo de Guasave as the stage, this Saturday the Guasave Encanta show cooking will take place, where attendees will be able to taste a three-course breakfast with regional dishes, as well as learn a little about the history of this town founded 427 years ago on the banks of the Sinaloa River.

Leonor Espinoza, director of Economic Development, explained that in this event, which will cost 250 pesos, the agency she heads, Canirac Guasave, Codesin, UAdeO and the Guasave Museum are working in a coordinated manner.

“We do it with the intention of positioning Guasave as a place where people know that they can come to eat delicious food and eat well, that would be a trigger for many events that we are going to do with that purpose of positioning Guasavese gastronomy. ”, he commented.

“It will be on Saturday the 28th at La Casona, the Guasave Museum, at 8:30 in the morning, with the intention of inviting you to join us, to support these events.”

He explained that the attendees will be able to taste a delicious country breakfast in three times, where there will be an appetizer, main course and dessert. They anticipate serving 200 diners.

“This is the beginning of events that we are going to do with the purpose of positioning our municipality, so that regional, national and foreign tourism will see that in Guasave there is a rich and wide gastronomy,” he said.

Chef Isel Ayala, from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, explained that they are going to prepare the foods that are going to be tasting in front of the diners, so that there is an interaction.

“We are going to use local products, which is what the event is focused on, to give that promotion to the food that we produce here. We are going to be making an Esquite as the main appetizer, as a main course we are going to have machaca with dad and pork beans, and for dessert it is going to be a guava pie, ”she advanced.

Juan Pablo Nava Cervantes, from the Guasave Museum, said that they joined this event because it is a very nice project that aims to generate a destination point for tourist attraction in Guasave.

“Guasave is very famous for its gastronomy, but we have to find a link between gastronomy and history to generate salable destinations for tourists,” he considered.

And it is that although it is true in Guasave there is a lot of very rich gastronomy, many people complain because after eating they do not find what else to do in the municipality.

“That is why this is a pilot project, to show the local and state community, in the first instance, that you come to eat delicious food in a very nice garden in the center of the city, but that you also have the possibility of going to visit a very nice museum, that is why it includes the exercise of tasting typical food, where the chef is going to explain what the origin of the dish is about, why they are eating that, why the guava pie and why the Virgen del Rosario has a guava in hand, and we make the link”, he said.

Nava Cervantes explained that there will be a space where the indigenous community will be displaying their handicrafts, gastronomic entrepreneurs will be offering their products, so that the people who attend can enjoy breakfast in a pleasant climate, under a leafy tree, and then they will take guided tours of the museum explaining room by room what the history of the objects on display means.

Then they will make a tour of the sanctuary of the Iglesia del Rosario, because it is thanks to the Virgen del Rosario that Guasave was founded 427 years ago, he stressed.