In an unprecedented event on the day of the change of command, President-elect Gabriel Boric had breakfast with social leaders in Cerro Castillo

The electro president, Gabriel Boric, had breakfast this morning with social leaders from the Valparaíso Region at Cerro Castillo in Viña del Mar, in an activity where the mayor of Viña del Mar, Macarena Ripamonti (FA), was also present, reported CNN.

It was an unprecedented event, since since the return of democracy, the day of the change of command, the future president had never had his first activity with social leaders.

“Cerro Castillo has historically been limited to the authorities. Today we begin this important day by sharing breakfast with Mayor Macarena Ripamonti (FA) and leaders and neighborhood leaders of Viña del Mar, who represent the strength and unity that brought us to this moment” Boric pointed out on his social networks.

“What a joy that the social movements and leaders come here with the mayor of Viña. I find that everything is very powerful symbolically,” he added while greeting the participants in an emotional event. “Without you, without your mobilization and organization, this day does not exist.”

The attendees were introduced one by one by Mayor Ripamonti to the future president.

“I am 84 years old, I bring you a little letter written by the residents of my town. I am very excited,” commented an older woman.

Among the attendees was the leader Brenda Maldonado, spokesperson for the 8M movement of the Garden City, the Mapuche Ana Antillanca and the president of the Women’s Movement in the Resistance Sacrifice Zone (MUZOSARE), Katta Alonso.

“It is an unprecedented activity that represents a new change in governance style for the community,” said the community chief.

He also added that “it is important that institutions, such as regional governments and municipalities, are linked with the communities to send the president an orderly form of governance to convey the needs of the people.”