I’ll explain the Italian Russian salad

Russia between Italy and Libya. Russian salad or mixed fried? The Scratches of Damato

Not even a denial of the Undersecretary for Secret Services Franco Gabrielli, former Police Chief, has stopped The print in the campaign launched against Matteo Salvini. That according to sources of the secret services he would have been in contact with the Russian embassy in Rome not only to organize the well-known and skipped trip to Moscow, complete with a ticket already paid for by the same embassy, ​​and then reimbursed by the Northern League leader, but also for receive solicitations to provoke the crisis of the Draghi government by bringing out the ministers of the Carroccio. The crisis then arrived, but without the exit of the League’s ministers, and in curious competition with the Silvio Berlusconi’s forceists and Giuseppe Conte’s grillini, always with the ministers remaining in their place in the government called at this point to manage the early elections . But in the Kremlin, you know, they celebrated the same.

The print she is sure of her information and continued to demand clarification even today, however accused by Truth by Maurizio Belpietro that he stole a scoop from her a few weeks ago which in the meantime turned out to be false, given that the right-wing newspaper defends Salvini. Well, these are things that happen in and among the newspapers. It will be difficult to get rid of this botched yellow in the election campaign both in the version of Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian bishops that titled “Russia in the polls”, and in the version of the manifesto, which served readers “Russian salad”.

Taken all by this thriller, there is a risk of escaping or passing in second order a certain news, of the news, amplified with the title “the weapon of migrants” by the Republic. Who in a very brief summary he told on the front page: “A hand opened the human tap of Cyrenaica. From the coasts of Libya under the control of General Haftar’s militias, supported by Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group, many more migrants are leaving than in the same period of the last two years ”.

“A hand,” I repeat, he says Republic. Putin’s can be presumed by referring to the “Russian mercenaries” who support General Haftar, but also contribute to Russia’s war against Ukraine. We can therefore say, without flying so much with the imagination, that Putin cynically fires rockets against Ukraine and migrants against Draghi’s Italy, which also helps militarily the attacked country and in the meantime a candidate for admission to the European Union.

These migrants, who literally blew up the Italian reception centers, are providential for Salvini’s electoral campaign. Which has always ridden the discomfort and fear that they bring with them and spread among the Italians, but this time even more in function of containing the haemorrhage of votes procured by Giorgia Meloni in the League. She who now alone collects more votes than forcers and leaguers put together and has booked in case of victory of the center-right Palazzo Chigi. From where maybe he will send Salvini back to the Interior Ministry, with all his police suits or jackets, firefighters and so on, but will continue to send weapons to Ukraine, as he has just announced by making Putin even the medicines he gulps down for its mysterious illnesses.

Admitted and not granted that he really did what he did The print at this point it is not known to what extent it was agreed to Putin to push Salvini against Draghi. He risks being in Palazzo Chigi in just over two months a worse than Draghi, from his point of view. One to which Salvini, in the meantime shaved for having lost a careless bet against the early elections with Berlusconi, could create – I assume – fewer problems than the prime minister still in office for the so-called but not at all ordinary administration. In fact, other military supplies for Ukraine are about to leave Italy.


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