If they exist! Easy recipe to make some exquisite TACOS DE AIRE

Don’t tell you, don’t tell you! air studs exist and of course they are a delicious Mexican dish that you cannot miss at all. This is one of the most typical preparations of the lowlands, particularly Guanajuatowhere they are usually enjoyed more than as a strong stew, as a delicious appetizer that, believe it or not, will leave you speechless for all the flavor that a tortilla can store.

The joke of this preparation is that it is a quesadilla folded in half, as if it were an enchilada, but that is fried in oil to get an “air taco”namely, stuffed with absolutely nothing. If you are Mexican, you can already get an idea of ​​the flavor that fried corn tortillas have, and that is not less, especially if instead of using vegetable oil to fry it, you use lard, as is traditionally done.