Iced latte, a refreshing and energizing breakfast to give your coffee a different touch

a good cup of Cafeteria can not miss for morningshowever, these days where the heat already starts from the early hours of the day, start your morning with a hot breakfast and steamy may not be the best option of all, that’s why we bring you a version refreshing and Energy of your morning coffee, a delicious iced latte that has the perfect flavor to wake you up.

For this one iced latte we will need a load of Espresso what will be the basis of your Cafeteria If you have a coffee maker at home to help you prepare it, you can include your homemade espresso in the recipe, if you don’t have a way to do it, just prepare half a cup of your Cafeteria pretty favorite concentrated that will serve to give flavor to all our drinkthe more concentrated it is the better flavor will have.