“I just made you breakfast”: Johnny Depp joked with his fans before entering the court

UNITED STATES-. Thursday May 19 Associated Press captured on video Johnny Depp while waving to fans outside the courthouse amid the actor’s ongoing defamation trial against Amber Heard. Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp joked about bringing breakfast to his fans and reporters outside the courtroom in Fairfax, Va..

“I just made everyone breakfast this morning. Waffles,” he joked. Depp before entering court. Since the start of the trial on April 11, fans have flocked to holding signs with messages like “Justice for Johnny” and “We’re with you, JD.” Many of the actor’s followers have even been seen booing heard when he leaves court.

Last monday heard testified about being “bombed” with hate online after she filed for a domestic violence restraining order in May 2016. “It was hard for me to work. I was harassed. I am harassed daily, death threats,” said the actress. Before the trial, the judge Penney Azcarate ordered that neither Depp nor can his ex-wife “pose for photographs or sign autographs in the courthouse or on the courthouse grounds.”

Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for $50 million

The defamation expert Daniel Gutenplan recently said that the predominant publications in favor of Depp on social media “frankly mean nothing to the case.” “I think it’s a case and a war against public opinion… I think Depp has also been taking this case to the end because he is trying to get his image back in the court of public opinion,” the expert said.

“What you’re seeing day to day in the trial in terms of the dirty laundry being aired… I think it doesn’t necessarily relate so much to the defamation case, but it does relate to public opinion of Depp,” he said. Gutenplan. Meanwhile, despite the judge’s orders, Depp he has rolled down the windows to greet his fans and has accepted gifts and letters from inside the vehicle.