“I have more talent” – Paparazzi Magazine

The second week of the Hotel of the Famous has begun, with it new problems knocked on the door of the participants. On this occasion they had breakfast together, since they had to define the new members of the guests and the staff.

But one would think that new ties would be formed or rough edges would be ironed out, far from that, Leo García and Lissa Vera did not let their companions have breakfast in peace, since they fought and made everyone uncomfortable, all because she disagrees with his statements.

“I want to apologize if I told you something wrong, but I didn’t say anything to you. You can’t be wrong with Leo García, I’m from pop, I’m a worker, like you”started Lionas to Lisaanswered: “You know what happens to me, you are getting into a place that is not your thing”.

“But it’s my life, I’m not messing with your things, it’s my decision, you don’t have to judge me with that. I notice that Lissa is mad at me, so I decide to approach her to apologize or to ask her why she’s really mad at me”replied Garcia.

“If you’re wrong with Leo García, you’re not going to be fine. I don’t want to convince you of anything LisaIt’s like you think one thing and you want me to think the same, this is a game, I’m an artist, so let’s respect each other as artists”he pointed Garcia.

you will see added: “I feel that Lion It is not taking dimension of what it is to be in a reality show. I am respecting you, but I do not agree, how is your thinking? I do not get it”what Lion Held: “My thinking is intelligent and broad, spiritual”.

“As long as you’re mad at me, you’ll be mad at yourself, because I’m Leo Garcia the king of pop, remember that one”Held Garcia, you will see She didn’t stay silent and said: “I am Lisa Verathat of living pop, I’m not interested in that, strange things don’t kill me, once it bothers me for a while and then I forget”.

“Do you want to teach me?”I ask Lisa Verawhat Leo Garcia answered: “I am older and I have more talent. To me the truth, place yourself in what it means to be an artist”.

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