“I drive through Spain”

Yolanda Díaz will begin her listening process after the Andalusian elections. The second vice president and leader of United We Can has announced that after the elections she will take her car to tour Spain and start a conversation with the citizens to form an electoral platform for the 2023 general elections.

With his own car, making use of his resources and with a team of people from outside the Ministry of Labor, Díaz will set off to tour all the territories in a process that he had been announcing since September and that he had to delay due to the labor reform and the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

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With the coalition in Andalusia hanging by a thread and the will of the different actors -Podemos, IU, Más País and other forces- to respect the ‘in extremis’ agreement that they reached last Friday and that was registered late, the leader of United We Can has already wanted to mark the beginning of a process that will be carried out to the rhythm of “jazz and improvisation” to widen the space to the left of the PSOE.

In addition, Díaz has distanced himself from what happened in Andalusia and has assured that his career “has nothing to do” with the negotiation to form a broad front for the 19-J elections. He has even assured that the tensions experienced in recent days is what drives people away from political parties.