“I defended him before the other elections”

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The president of the Junta de Andalucía and candidate of the PP, Juanma Morenowants that, after the next elections on June 19, rule the most voted list. As all the polls predict, it will be yours.

At an informative breakfast organized by Diario SUR in Malaga, Moreno has advocated a reform of the electoral law in this sense and to reach “a serious and rigorous agreement“between the two big parties, PP and PSOE. In his favor, he assures that he already defended this position before the previous elections.

He became president of the Board in December 2018 with 26 deputies, one of the lowest results achieved in the history of his party. He agreed with Ciudadanos, which won 21 seats, and reached an agreement with Vox so that its 12 parliamentarians would support his investiture.

In three and a half years his situation has nothing to do with it. Now the latest poll published by EL ESPAÑOL predicts 45 deputies -to ten of the absolute majority-, with which it would add more than the block of the left. That is what Moreno aspires to, to preside over a single-color government with a large majority.

A wish of all

It is also what the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, wants, as well as for the most voted list to govern. But he said it too Pedro Sanchez in an electoral debate before the November 10, 2019 elections.

“I want to make an announcement here, a proposal to all the leaders of the rest of the political groups: if after November 10 Parliament does not agree to form a government, it is respected to govern the most voted list. That is the proposal that I put on the table.”

That is to say, it is everyone’s wish, which later never comes true. At the end of the year the two great parties began to explore a covenantwhereby they would commit to allow the most voted list to govern. All this with the aim of not depending on Vox or Podemos.

In an interview with EL ESPAÑOL, the Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Felix Bolanoseven assured that “if the PP gives up agreeing with Vox throughout Spain, the PSOE will help governability.”

For Juanma Moreno it doesn’t make sense that “there are municipalities governed by nine parties“. For this reason, it advocates that reform of the electoral law, even proposing a second roundwhere all forces can participate, but “in the end there is a stable government”.

“We cannot have repetitions of constant elections,” Moreno stressed, nor does he believe that the Government of Spain “should be blackmailed daily by the independentists.”

Andalusia, in the Perte Chip

Precisely, the Andalusian president has asked Pedro Sánchez not to turn to those who support him and take Andalusia into account in the Perte Chipwhich will involve 12,250 million euros of public investment until 2027 and will be aimed at the entire chip value chain, from research and design to manufacturing.

Moreno has assured that he is already “raising his hand” so that the community “is a reference” in this manufacture of microchips, although he has admitted that other regions such as Catalonia have already requested it as well.

In this same act, Moreno has put out his chest for the management of his government in Andalusia and has assured that, if the Andalusians give him the confidence for four more years, he will continue with his reformist and liberal agenda. Also lowering taxes and helping businesses.

Specifically, it has announced that a line of guarantees will be approved for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the self-employed in the industrial sector for service stations.

Consider that these businesses they are “asphyxiated” by having to advance the 20 euro cents per liter “due to the delay in payment by the Government of Spain”. In total, he expects them to generate 800 loans for 20 million, which will help them improve their situation.