How to prepare homemade tacos al pastor? Discover an easy and delicious recipe

The tacos in Mexico are a symbol of unity and National identity. The population between one state and another, we may have many differences, but when it comes to this food, everything changes, because it is a food that unites us and makes us feel as if we were one. However, even in tacos there are always different types, levels and above all, great differences according to the region that is inhabited.

If something stands out Mexico, It is because of their delicious tacos, which is the first word that a foreigner learns to say, after having fallen in love with them in Photographs either images. The truth is that yes, we Mexicans have something to seduce anyone’s palate and there is no reason not to show it off. Above all, because we love this sandwich too, since food represents us because it is a product of interculturalization.