How to make the dough for fried quesadillas? Cheap and easy recipe

The fried quesadillas They are that delicious Mexican appetizer that consists of a corn dough tortilla fried in hot oil and filled with some stew such as chicken tinga, hash, potato, meat, among other preparations that undoubtedly make it to the taste of each diner. Although it does not have a precise origin, it is usually found more easily in Mexican snack shops, however, creating them from home is one of the best ways to enjoy a cheap recipe and very simple to make.

But if what is complicated is to carry out the hour to make some good fried quesadillasdon’t worry, with this recipe you will learn how to do it easy and cheap Well, most of the ingredients that are needed can surely be kept in the kitchen cupboard, or if not, they will not be difficult for you to obtain.