How to make Oaxaca cheese or quesillo at home? we give you the recipe

The Oaxaca cheese OR String cheese It is one of the most traditional from Mexican Kitchenfrom quesadillas to all kinds of stews and tacos, and although in many ranches and producers of cheese they make it in the way industrial and in large quantities, you can also do it in a homemade and we will tell you what you need to make it and how you should do it.

You must bear in mind that although this process is hometo get Oaxaca cheese You must control very well terms in which you must prepare your cheeseFor example, it is essential disinfect all your Utensils and containers that you will use, as well as having a kitchen thermometer to control very well temperature. You will also make use of rennet that you can buy in stores or veterinary specialized and is very necessary for the elaboration of the cheese.