How to make guava atole without cutting it? We share a delicious recipe

Atolethe Nahuatl atoll ‘watery’ of atl water and Tollis one of the mexican drinks most popular and has its pre-Hispanic origin highly consumed in Mesoamerica. In the original recipe it has a sweet cooking of corn in water and it used to be flavored with cocoa, chilies and honey, because at that time the sweetener was not known as such and it was the only thing that was available to give it a special touch.

His record as such was marked by Hernan Cortes in their Relationship Letters, where he cataloged it as a very energetic drink and that it did not turn out to be very pleasant for them. This led the Spanish to modify the recipe a bit and they would add the milk. Currently there are different versions and the recipe that brings us today will be made with guava.