How to know if they serve those eggs that have been in your fridge for a long time

Do you want to know if they serve those eggs that you don’t know since when you have in the fridge but you have no idea how to check it?

If you buy them at the supermarket, some brands have an expiration date, but if you buy them in bulk, at the market or the corner store, it is almost impossible to know when they were produced and how long they can last.

The good news is that it is possible to know if they are fresh, if they are already passing or if it is better to discard them, regardless of the expiration date, as this is indicative.

I explain

According to teacher Elsa Olivares, Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Guanajuato Campus León:

Float test always works

All you need is a bowl of cold water, deep enough to submerge an egg, and see what happens.

  1. If the egg sinks and falls to its wide side, it is at its peak of freshness

If the egg seems to lie down, it means that it is very fresh. This is because fresher eggs have less air under their shells, so they sink to the bottom of the container.

  1. If the egg sinks and stands up, that’s okay.

An egg that sinks to the bottom and stands upright at its smaller end is still edible, but it’s about to expire. The longer an egg has been in contact with oxygen, the more the liquid inside it evaporates, leaving pockets of air to take its place. This causes the egg to rise and almost float.

  1. If the egg floats, you have to throw it

If your egg has enough air to float, it is no longer good to eat and is probably rotten. Get rid of it completely so that your house does not fill with that unbearable smell of sulfur that will also seem to last forever.

You can also shake the egg or smell it

Know if they serve eggs

Another way to know if the eggs work is if you shake them next to your ear: if you don’t hear anything, you have a fresh egg. If you hear a kind of splash, it means that the egg is still good, but if you hear a kind of hiss, it means that the yolk has become watery and old.

Lastly, if you ever crack an egg and the white is discolored in some way or too runny, that also means that egg is no longer fit to eat.

If you break one and it smells bad, throw it away.

How to know if the eggs work when you have already opened it without trying all of the above? Fresh ones do not give off an odor, but an old one will have a sour, even sulfurous odor. They may also have pink, blue, green or black spots, as a sign of bacterial growth.

If you can stand their disgusting, it is best to cook them and bury them. This foul odor is developed by the high bacteria and sulfur content given off by rotten eggs.

And if you don’t want to suffer that torture, bury them raw, of course, not near other plants or with curious animals that can dig them up. This way you will also be helping the earth.

If I eat a bad egg, what can happen to me?

Know if they serve eggs

Spoiled eggs can transmit salmonella, a bacteria that, although not serious, will cause fever, vomiting and abdominal cramps for up to a week.

In this case, drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine, eat well to maintain energy, preferably only natural and non-irritating foods.

To make them last longer, store them at the bottom of the refrigerator.

The coldest part of your refrigerator is usually the bottom shelves although many people like to store them in the door, where sometimes there is even a compartment for them, but this is actually the warmest part of the refrigerator.

If you have a lot of eggs that are close to expiration, cook them

Know if they serve eggs

Boiling is the best way to use eggs when they haven’t gone bad but are close by, so they can keep in the fridge for another week and you could use them in salads, dressings, sandwiches, or in some delicious papadzules.

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