How to decorate a birthday cake?

For a great occasion, the birthday cake of an adult or a child, a themed party, etc. There is bound to be a good opportunity to want to take care of a cake down to the details and create a sublime decoration. Difficulty, ideas, inspirations… We tell you everything!

How to make a sublime cake decoration for a birthday?

To make a visually stunning birthday cake, there’s nothing like the cake design ! A real art that allows you to make sumptuous cakes … but not without difficulty. While some have mastered this art to perfection, dozens of businesses have specialized in cake design to design cakes corresponding to the most varied requests: Disney universe, cakes on the theme of the jungle, the enchanted forest, Star Wars or even Stranger Things… Nothing is impossible for those who master this demanding art dexterity, meticulousness and patience.

How to easily decorate a birthday cake?

Fortunately, for all those who do not necessarily have these qualities (and who do not have the time to immerse themselves in the making of these sugar paste decorations) there are other alternatives! A few well-chosen elements, a neat set-up and presto, voila! Here’s what to bet on to decorate your birthday cake:

  • sweets to decorate a cake

With their intense colors, their high sugar content, they appeal to young and old. And since we don’t celebrate a birthday every day, we can allow ourselves a little difference for a big occasion! Whether we pile them on top of the cake, we “glue” them all around or we arrange them carefully, the options are numerous and always have their little effect. An option that also comes with chocolates!

  • vermicelli to give color to desserts

Playful, the vermicelli are also great allies to give a festive side to the cake … to. less effort! The ideal? Arrange them around the edge of the cake all the way up or only part of it. And even add a touch on top! You can even draw numbers with it by placing a piece of paper on your cake before sprinkling vermicelli… then removing the paper so that the shape stays! What do we like about this option? Easy to use, vermicelli saves precious time… which can be used to take care of other aspects of the party!

  • fresh fruit to easily decorate a party cake

It’s kind of the alternative. healthy with sweets: for a refined and gourmet decoration, we bet on seasonal fruits. Strawberries, raspberries, figs, peaches, blueberries, currants… Depending on the size of the fruit, place it as is on the cake or cut it into quarters and slices: then you can take care of the placement or opt for a light mess . In any case, the result will be elegant and delicious… and that’s all we expect from a birthday cake after all!

  • meringues to decorate cakes

Whether you make them ‘home’ or buy them in stores, meringues always have their little effect, especially when you line them up carefully around the edge of the cake!

  • marzipan to make characters for his cakes

It might be one of the more complex options but the result is so great that it deserves mention. A bit like the expensive sugar paste in cake design the marzipan is modeled by hand to give life to very decorative little subjects… the good taste of almonds and more: roses, farm animals, palm trees, etc. It’s up to you, but to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you avoid getting into well-known characters.

You must have seen those pastry chefs who made caramel threads by vigorously shaking their pan once the caramel has set? Hair, spun caramel… You can make a dome of caramel thread by pouring the caramel over the back of a ladle then taking it off once set… and vary the pleasures on the same principle!

  • plastic toys

It is certainly not the most greedy option but it remains practical when you want to make a nice design and you are not sure of your creative capacity. All you have to do is place your favorite toys on top of the cake… after having washed them carefully and making sure that they are not too heavy or risk “sinking” the pretty cake you are concocting!

In our slideshow find ideas for easy birthday cake decorations spotted on Pinterest!


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