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Next Wednesday, May 11, IBTA organizes a face-to-face Working Breakfast to address post-pandemic travel management and the use of the appropriate tools to face this new stage in Business Travel.

Business Travel has entered a new post-pandemic stage. Although it is true that the recovery has not yet reached pre-COVID figures, we can say that companies have put “one more gear” and trips and corporate events are being reactivated.

Nevertheless, many things have changed as a result of the pandemic: New travel policies, new ways of relating to suppliers, greater search for efficiency and sustainability in corporate travel, new digital tools…

As you can see, there are many changes that the sector is going through. Some changes that Travel Manager must face without delay in a more than complicated environment.

And it is precisely the analysis of these changes as well as the use of appropriate tools to manage a new era in business travel, the subject of the next “IBTA Work Breakfast”. A fully face-to-face event that will take place in the Hotel NH Príncipe de Vergara and which will start at 9:30 a.m. next Wednesday, May 11.

In collaboration with Business Travel Consulting, We will analyze the state of the sector, we will share experiences and we will discuss the changes that the business travel.
We will have the Expert opinion and we will give you ideas, solutions and keys to successfully face post-pandemic travel management.

In addition, a practical case will be presented by the hand of Marivi MartinFinancial Director of Medline.

We will also have the presence of Carlos Martinez and Juan Manuel Baixauli, CEO and COO of Consultia Business Travel, respectively.

What will we talk about in this WORKSHOP?

  • How has the pandemic changed business travel management?
  • How should the Travel Manager face these changes?
  • What tools exist in the market to successfully face this new stage?
  • How are other companies like yours doing?
  • Locate hidden costs and how to eliminate them.
  • Assess potential areas for improvement.
  • What tools exist in the market to successfully deal with this new stage?
  • Tips and ideas for improvement travel management.

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