How the pandemic and Pre-Trip changed hotel services

It’s amazing how the pandemicand then the Pre Trip, changed the settings of accommodation in our country. So much so that downtown hotels that were previously almost requested by corporate travelers, they had to transform to conform to the expectations of tourism, which is always high. This happened with the NH Mendoza Cordillera, a comfortable hotel located in front of Plaza San Martín in the capital of Cuyo. With a Prime location at Avenida España 1324, in an area dominated by banks, spent de work with executives to receive families and even groups of bikers from other countries, as happened at the end of March when we stayed there.

Federico Galante, manager of NH Mendoza Cordillera.

Because we are located in the center -explains Federico Galante, manager for seven years of accommodation for the NH chain- we had a purely corporate public from Monday to Friday and little occupancy on the weekend. With the restrictions to go abroad, the Argentine tourist chose to stay in the country and luckily we are in mendoza which is a very attractive city and we had very good occupation. This marked a change in services. We had to readapt, mainly at breakfast because the corporate guest is more expeditious and takes something quickly. On the other hand, the traveler who arrives for tourism needs more attention more pampering while on vacation. We had to change the chip, slow down a little so that people feel better served and some breakfast products have also been varied, incorporating those who are looking for those who come on vacation”.

0404_nh_mountain range
Jonatan Vitangeli, chef at the NH Mendoza Cordillera.

Here is the Cook of the establishment, Jonatan Vitangeli from Buenos Aires, who explains that now breakfast has 162 products different, which includes a variety of antioxidant juices, organic, vegan products such as bean-based croissants, and of course everything we like to eat at the beginning of the day, from mini cakes and pastries, to cooked or sliced ​​fruit, toast and an impressive variety of cheeses and cold cuts. “The raw material we use is 100% local –explain the gospel. I like to work like this and how much fresher and closer. Better. That way I can know who sells it to me and what their process is like.”


The menu highlights

With an executive option for lunch and a menu that ranges from soups and pastas to special preparations such as Genoese meat (with pesto), a delicious cous cous with smoked octopus and a spectacular chicken pamplona with Brasilia puree, both guests and diners of the moment enjoy it very much. And, being in a wine-growing province, the pairing between wine and gastronomy is essential. “They are two lovers, they meet, they fight, they come and go and we always take them by the hand, because if the wine does not apply in gastronomy, there is no dream” outlines Jonatan, who regularly varies the menu taking into account the activity of the guests: “For when they go high in the mountains, we have prepared dishes with carbohydrates for them, because they need something forceful when they return. I also vary the pastas a lot, I am of Italian descent and I love them. NH gives us the possibility to do this while maintaining the company’s standards”.


The NH Mendoza Cordillera has 105 rooms of different categories, some with a balcony terrace, all very spacious, with receptionists who provide information and advice on tourist and gastronomic activities such as visits to wineries; gym, pool and meeting rooms. The decoration is elegant and provides comfort in all its areas, always attended by a cordial and helpful staff. What more could you want?