How much does it cost to rent the GulfStream private plane in which King Emeritus Juan Carlos I has traveled?

In a Gulfstream G450 private jet which has an engine made by rolls royce. A exclusive aircraft for 14 crew of the company bestfly. Manufactured in 2004, the cabin was reformed with all kinds of luxuries in 2019: has a divan to rest, a complete kitchen with an oven, a sideboard, as well as televisions and other devices of entertainment from High Definition. That’s how he is private plane that this Thursday brought the king emeritus John Charles I a Sanxenxo. It is valued at €36 million and the price of your rental varies according to the characteristics of each trip.

from the airport Abu Dhabi at Vigo, without scales. More than 6,000 kilometers with a personalized attention. Not counting the rates and taxesthe rent of the private plane who has returned the king emeritus to Spain after 654 days in United Arab Emirates has cost €97,000.

The flight of the emeritus

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The ship travels at a cruise speed of 880 kilometers per hour and has a range of 4,100 nautical miles (7,590 kilometers). In addition to the detailed luxuries, it also features Gulfstream’s patented oval windows along with soundproofing that provides a higher level of cabin quiet.

This will not be the only private flight that Juan Carlos I will take. The king emeritus intends to visit Spain repeatedly and already plans to return to Sansenxo on June 10 to revalidate the world sailing title he holds.