How much does it cost to have breakfast in Neuquén capital?

From the classic cut coffee with croissants to the “American”and despite the increases in prices, the people of Neuquén continue to enjoy themselves in the morning and before beginning their daily breakfast tasks in the city’s cafeterias. Of course prices vary according to the area where you choose to have the first meal of the day. But prices are also linked to the specialties of the house, as in the case of coffee or what is chosen to accompany the infusion.

Many of the people who pass through 200 Olascoaga Avenue in the early hours of the morning stop for breakfast at Azúcar, a traditional Cafeteria which has been open for 64 years. There, the classic breakfast consisting of a coffee with milk, three croissants and an orange juice costs $450. “The coffee with milk is served in a bowl of almost half a liter”, clarifies one of the young men.

Now, if the option is a cup of coffee with milk or another infusion and toasted ham and cheese, the price to pay is $850. Those who work there advise that for two people who want to share breakfast, it is best to choose the promotion of two coffees with milk and a toast for $1,100.

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Sebastian Farina Petersen

If you choose to have breakfast in the banking area, in 1920 for $580 you can have a coffee with milk or a coffee with two croissants and a small glass of orange juice. If you decide to accompany the infusion with two toasts and cream cheese and jam dips, the value to pay will be $700. And a third option is roasted coffee (four squares) for $980.

In the upper area, the proposals presented by the cafeterias for breakfast are different, as are the prices. At Coffee Store, most customers opt for coffee in a bowl with two pieces of toast (white or whole wheat), cream cheese and jam dips, and an orange juice for $750.

Healthy breakfasts, which include yogurt and fruit salad, are the most popular in a cafeteria in El Alto.

The menu offers other options such as “a healthier breakfast” that consists of a coffee with milk in a large bowl with yogurt and granola, fruit salad, two toasts, cream cheese and jam dips, and an orange juice for $1,100.

Many customers opt for the American breakfast consisting of coffee with milk, scrambled eggs with bacon, two pieces of white or wholemeal toast, yogurt with granola at 950 pesos.

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Sebastian Farina Petersen

The American breakfast “is one of the promotions that comes out the most every morning,” commented one of the girls from the place located in front of the city’s Deliberative Council, an area where the gastronomic offer is varied.

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Sebastian Farina Petersen

Between the classic cut and specialty coffee

“Coffee in the Alto Valle is no longer exclusive to traditional sites. With the appearance of specialty coffee shops and places that make a cult of it, whether in the location, the pastry or the concept, today you can enjoy a number of places to spend time, read or share a good chat with friends”, explained Nico Visne, food journalist from LM Neuquen.

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Sebastian Farina Petersen

The diversity of prices offered for breakfast in the city’s cafeterias is linked to the proposal of some businesses for specialty coffee that is selected from the seed, the microclimate and the right height for its correct growth and maturation as well as the pastry to accompany the infusion and the healthy ingredients.