How much coffee can fit in your ‘tall, large and venti’ glasses?; mystery solved and here we tell you!

For some it is quite common to go for a coffee at one of the coffee shops famous in the world, which has branches with a mermaid in its logo, an environment that oscillates between formal and informal, but that seems to be quite conducive to taking photos to the glasses, make a selfie or register visits there so that everyone sees that it is almost, almost the extension from your home and make it clear that your status Social It is not the same as the average population.

Well, be that as it may, all of us at some point in life have come across this or other coffee shops that emulate their style and as soon as we walk through the door, we line up to be served and when we finally go to order, they come up with some Italian terms (Alto, grande or venti), which we understand by mere intuition, but even so we are not very sure what they mean and if you go with a whitexicanhe will most likely laugh at you when you throw out the question “How big did you say the browns are?”