How many varieties of tamales are there and what is their difference

The Tamales They are one of the greatest delicacies of Mexican gastronomy. Of pre-Hispanic origin, they are one of the most traditional dishes in the country and, to the delight of diners, they are presented through an enormous number of varieties. Below, we tell you how many there are in total and share the differences between the main options.


Tamales: everything you need to know about this classic of Mexican food

At a general level, it must be said that the Tamales they are prepared on a base of corn dough, which are usually filled with sauce and/or meat (whether beef, chicken, pork, etc.) and wrapped in corn or banana leaves to finally steam .

Of course, this is a highly generic description since, as expected, each of the varieties of the Tamales it requires its own ingredients and its steps to follow at the time of preparation.

It is said that in total there are more than 500 varieties of Tamales In this sense, it should be clarified that many of the differences are presented taking into account the place where they are made.

In other words, each region or locality has its own way of doing it. Below, we list some of the most well-known varieties of all and share the details of each one.