How many calories does an omelette have? We tell you the truth about it

For a long time, the tortillas have established themselves as one of the foods most popular, not only in our country, but also around the world and, if we are very honest, they are really coveted and, in a large part of the countries, they are sold at unrealistic prices. Some also, like our neighbor the United States, have sought to recreate the tortilla with their ingredientsbut many of them have failed in the attempt.

But talk about the tortilla It goes far beyond what anyone can imagine, its origin as such dates from Mesoamerica and, according to different accounts, it is believed that it was before the year 500 BC when it would have its first versions. Also, it is important to note that before it was not recognized as tortillaaccording to the Chronicles of the Indies, it was described as a corn bread.