How do you eat Buddha’s hand fruit? Get to know 3 facts about this curious citrus fruit

This Saturday the booth of the radio program Gastrolab of the Herald of Mexico returns with a new issue and as always the chef Israel Aretxiga (@israelaretxiga) will take us by the hand along with the program team through a journey through different topics of gastronomy that remind us of the importance of culinary art.

However, this broadcast was a different space and it is that the team of gastronomic laboratory narrated the most outstanding details that were experienced in the special dinner in the restaurant Heavensince it was an experience with a six hands menu with expert chefs who undoubtedly offered their talent to excite diners with new experiences. While, before the end of the program, the chef Mariana Ruiz explained some curiosities of the buddha handa fruit that surely many people are unaware of.