Hot cakes, crepes and waffles, the breakfast champions

They say that a good day begins with a breakfast of champions and, for many, pancakeswaffles and pancakes They are the perfect dish to lift our spirits and make us happy. Yes, its power lies in the fact that this world of flavors, delicious mixtures and possibilities to prepare them, combined with its smell and texture, can heal anyone’s soul and provide pleasant moments.

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But these dishes represent much more than a hug to the palate: they are the hope of starting from scratch, the possibility and the ability to adapt to whatever is put in front of you. And that’s how Mr. Pancake, Fluffs Bakery and Elvis experienced it, three dark kitchens that made waffles and pancakes your lifesaver board in pandemic.

Why do we like them so much?

What makes us melt at its smell, its sponginess (in the case of pancakes) and its characteristic flavor? We asked Lalo and Karla (Mr. Pancake), Rosa Rojas (Fluffs) and Luis Serdio (Elvis), to tell us what they love about them.

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For Rosa, the charm of pancakes lies in the fact that “when they arrive at the table they have that surprising visual effect. They look big and fluffy, and they’re a treat for breakfast.” To this, the Mr. Pancake team adds: “The love for them is born from the pleasure that comes from eating them, but also from the happiness that comes from sharing them”, and we couldn’t agree more.

How did these dishes arrive at the Mexican table? The answer can be found in their passports.

Stowaways from the other side of the world

It is no secret to anyone that the three recipes came from the other side of the world, from France and Belgium specifically, and were installed in our breakfasts thanks to all the immigrants who came to the United States, and from there they came down to our country and adapted .

Although it seems that its origin is modern, there are indications that the waffles and the pancakes they were born in the Middle Ages; and crepes, with the ancient Greeks, who heated flour dough with eggs between two very hot metals, but in Brittany and Normandy they found their culmination as we know them.

Whether pears or apples, they are here to stay and the differences between them mean that there are more than a thousand options to consume them.

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The same dough, but rolled?

There are many people who consider that the only thing that distinguishes a waffle of a hot cake or of a crack it is the shape, but there are many more: the dough, the texture, what you use to make it and, above all, its structure. For a waffle you need a waffle maker; for a pancake and crack You can use a frying pan, comal or griddle. The waffle It is identified by being crunchy and with square marks, the pancake by being fluffy and the crepe by its thinness and lightness (if it is salty it is prepared with buckwheat flour and is called galette).

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Another of the substantial differences is the leavening ingredient: the crepe does not have any; the hot cakebaking powder; and the wafflesDepending on the style, they can contain baking powder (American waffles, round in shape) or yeast (Belgian waffles, thicker and square in shape, or Liège waffles, denser, small, irregular and covered with liquid caramel).

And, since the sky is the limit, the world of waffles has many more varieties, such as Virginia, which are made with rice flour or corn flour; or the bubble waffles, born on the streets of Hong Kong, which have a hexagonal shape and bubbles, and are served with very colorful multicolored treats.

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Versatility and balance

Nowadays, there are a lot of combinations, because the versatility of the dough allows you to play with them. The three dishes can be dessert or breakfast and have savory, sweet or a combination of both. Some are riskier than others, like the famous chicken & wafflesa typical southern dish of the United States with waffles, fried chicken and ice cream; and others, a classic that never goes out of style, like the pancakes served with whipped cream, maple syrup and some fruit compote.

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According to Rosa, a balance must be found between the dough and its garnish: “So that the result is not too sweet, we must follow a rule: if the topping is, the dough must be made with ingredients that compensate for the sweetness and we look for options in familiar places, such as deconstructing desserts; for example, how would you turn a lemon pie into a pancake?”.

“The selection of toppings is the most complex, because it is the perfect closing. You have to constantly search for ingredients to discover the ones that surprise you and that you like.

It also involves a lot of experimentation and testing until you come up with a new flavor. Look for different toppings, that are not expected to combine much, but that are enjoyed, ”added Mr. Pancake to his recommendations.

Long live the pancakes! Because that everything, that small great detail of combining dough, garnish and filling perfectly turns any moment into something memorable.

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