Horchata water with prickly pear, recipe to prepare this refreshing drink

A kind of drink that tends to break friendships, families and relationships, without a doubt that is the horchata. Although for many it is a perfect option to accompany tacos al pastorMany others claim that it is the Jamaica the ideal for it. And if they ask us, what would be the ideal drink, we will have to say both, because tastes break genres and that is the beauty of our country.

The horchata waterIt has also become one of the favorites, mainly because of its flavor, which comes from the famous dessert rice pudding and basically we would be drinking it. Why? Well, it turns out that it is made with the same ingredients as rice, but without feeling any pimples during the process. Now, what many imagine is that it is one hundred percent Mexican and we have to break their hearts, because it is not.