Honors mothers of the Herrera Roller Skating Club

The mothers of the Herrera Sobre Ruedas club (in red), were celebrated in an act held in the Mirador Sur park. External source.

The ladies of the Herrera Sobre Ruedas club were entertained by the board of the skating club, as part of the celebration of Mother’s Day, in an act where they were given flowers from the Zuni Flor garden and other gifts, after their training sessions on Saturday May 21, at the Mirador Sur.

The activity was coordinated by Carmen Rojas and Larissa Guerrero. Herrera Sobre Rueda trains as part of her preparation for the Guerreras sobre Ruedas route, which will take place on Circunvalación Avenue in the Haina-Higüero-Haina section, on June 16, a holiday because it is Corpus Christi Thursday and raises funds for the foundation Women On Wheels.

In the entertainment, breakfast was offered to all the mothers of the club and, in addition to flowers, hydration cream, “which will serve as protection during the route that will soon be dedicated to women with disabilities,” explained Rojas and Guerrero.

The registration funds to participate in the route will be allocated to the foundation. Skaters from Espacata RD, Ruta Skate, Wilfit, Escolar Academy and Rolling Family from Santiago will participate; skate club

3R, Gold Skate, Dionisio Burgos Skating Club and Cristo Rey Skating Club among others, who are invited by the Herrera Sobre Ruedas school.

The official departure of the route will be at 6:30 in the morning from the José Francisco Peña Gómez park in Haina, with arrival and return, the elite category, in Higüero and the intermediate category in Pedro Brand, kilometer 25 of the highway. Duarte.

Carmen Rojas and Larissa Guerrero reiterated that “the Herrera Sobre Rueda club has as its goal the development of the sport of skating at a national level, for which classes are taught at all levels, under the direction of qualified supervisors.”

“We have assumed skating as a sport and recreational activity, a space where we make new friends, where we value the presence and participation, collective and individual, so we take advantage of the fact that May is Mother’s Day, to recognize all those that God has given her the gift of motherhood and that they have exercised it with outstanding grades”, said Rojas and Guerrero, as a congratulatory message to the mothers of the club.