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As always, we enter with everything and slippers to EVERY MORNING, through La Raza, today that is Wednesday April 6, 2022. We are in the middle of the first week of April, the fourth month of the year.

We are already on equal schedule and we gladly greet you. Thank you Mike, for giving us the opportunity to greet our friends and countrymen.

We listened to Magneto with La Puerta del Colegio, for Marlene, who left us greetings that we reciprocate with affection. We also salute Arturo Zúñiga, who, as always, is waiting for the chinelos.

Last week we made reference to several delicacies of Mexican cuisine, and from very early on, it made us hungry, as did several of our friends, who remembered the times when they walked on Aztec soil.

Of course, they tell us that, over there, in these times there is everything, although yes, we need the flavor that living with the peasantry gives it, here on this side, where things are always more noisy, even if they say no .

Easter is coming, which, although they say otherwise, is no longer like before, when prayers and visits to churches predominated.

Now, at least here in Mexican lands, since before Holy Week, the revelry and party begins, and thus, beaches and spas are filled, where Mexican happiness is enjoyed.

Drink and food, right and left, on the so-called “holy days”, is something characteristic, you cannot miss it.

The Aztecs in themselves are partiers, and more so in these days, which before were for prayer and recollection.

In Cuernavaca, from the 8th to the 15th of this month, the Flower Fair, after two years without a fair, due to the pandemic.

Tourist service providers hope to recover, we repeat, from the two years that there was no traditional fair.

Authorities of the Morelos Tourism Trust (FITUR Morelos) announced that, for this holiday period in April, the comprehensive tourism campaign called “Holy Week begins here, Morelos” was prepared.

The foregoing, with the aim that in the coming days of holidays “the entity is considered as a strategic and suitable destination for all sectors.” In this campaign, information from places such as Tepoztlán, Tequesquitengo, Cuernavaca, as well as spas, aquatic recreation parks, through traditional and digital media stands out.

Also, this April is Children’s Day, the 30th. We remember that, in Cuernavaca, very close to the Cathedral, on Comonfort Street, a few steps from the Central Library, lived Francisco Gabilondo Soler, also known as like “Cri Crí El Grillo Cantor”.

As always, for small talk we ran out of space.

Today we say goodbye precisely with “El Ropero”, a song by Cri Crí, recorded in 1963, so that you remember when you were children and believed in the Holy Kings.

Thank you for listening to us and for reading us.

Have a nice weekend and see you next Wednesday.

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