Heat? Prepare this delicious cold coffee dessert with only 5 ingredients! You will love it

The hot season It has not given up and it seems that it is getting more and more intense, and that we are only a short time away from completely melting. The only thing we are looking for to pass this moment, is something fresh and between beverages and one or another dessert, the truth is that we have not quite managed to have a spectacular result, although it has been delicious, but not quite spectacular.

Despite the fact that the fan is at full blast, today we want you to forget about that moment a bit, because they say that sorrows with bread they are less and, ok, we would not be speaking as such of a breadbecause that one seems to us with a coffee hot and now that is not good for us, what we can tell you is that we have a dessert based on COLD coffee, which we are sure it could become one of your favorites.