Healthy waffles: try this integral version ideal for your breakfast today

A healthy breakfast It doesn’t have to be one lacking flavor OR fun That’s why we’ll teach you how to prepare a delicious version of healthy wafflesperfect to start your morning with a plate full of flavor without neglecting the component healthybest of all is that your preparation It doesn’t change much compared to the original recipe so you will have no problem preparing them.

For this waffles let’s replace some ingredients that in excess can become harmful to our Healthfor example for the part grease we will use coconut oil instead of Butterwhile the milk we will have to replace it with options vegetableslikewise the key is to use wholemeal flourwith a larger contribution fiber. Lastly, in the case of sugarit is best to use less refined sugars such as masqueradebut you can substitute it for yourself sweetener favorite.