Healthy breakfast: Prepare a delicious chickpea salad with vegetables and tuna

Today begins the week without a long weekend and probably without money, because we are at the end of the fortnight and we really could not have a penny in our wallet and almost start singing ‘I dreamed a dream‘ by Fantine in The Miserables. But, fortunately, there is very little left to look like Miranda in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Only in the meantime, because you have to make some sacrifices until the date arrives.

If you haven’t eaten tuna in time skinny cows, you definitely have not lived. East food It is the ally of many, especially when we are saving money or when meat is very expensive. Regularly and unless we live on the coast, we consume it canned, because it is very cheap and we can definitely combine it with almost any other food. For this reason, you may have heard the phrase “With pure tuna, but in cancun“.