Healthy breakfast ideas during the week at school

Marilyn Eyebrows

Although it is true to have breakfast before 7:00 am for children, it tends to be something impossible, and not because they do not want to, but because they do not feel hungry; then, we can give him a glass of milk or some cereal before entering and his full breakfast, at snack time.

It is important to take into account what our children like and based on this, prepare a daily, varied and nutritious breakfast, so that they can do well in school and feel good.

The truth is that as a mother I try to vary it, so that she doesn’t feel bored eating the same thing and feels motivated to eat. At this point and before giving you some ideas, it is vital to mention that the preparation of breakfast must be accompanied by talking to our children, explaining the importance of eating and having energy every day.

Breakfast ideas for our children:

During the week, they can prepare something varied so that the children do not get bored. Here are more or less the ideas of what I prepare in the week for my 4-year-old daughter who is in Prekinder.

  • Monday: Wholemeal sandwich bread (half and without the edge) cut in two, stuffed with yellow cheese; and a scrambled egg.
  • Tuesday: Pancake (I make one and then cut it into shapes of stars, hearts, etc.), a little syrup on each; two chopped strawberries, accompanied by a boiled egg chopped in 4 and with its salt already added.
  • Wednesday: Two old corn tortillas (they sell them in the super small round ones), with a small parboiled sausage and a slice of chicken sausage.
  • Thursday: White corn flour bun (from the Harina Pan brand), chopped into several pieces and with butter; with a piece of Queso Chela basket-type cheese and two parboiled cocktail-type sausages.
  • Friday: A small piece of bread to make hog dog or flute, previously heated with butter on a griddle, we can cut it in two and then spread cream cheese (Dos Pinos brand), accompanied by a fried egg (after I cook it, I cut it into small pieces).

What do I use to place breakfast?

Some Sistema brand containers that I got at Arrocha, these have two divisions and that makes it easier for me to separate the food, because my daughter does not like everything together.

In her lunch box I always put a set of doll cutlery that I always get in the same place, I try to vary them so that she feels encouraged to eat.


Regarding the juices for breakfast, I put the brand little due to the low level of sugar, they are obtained in the supermarket; or those of the brand apple and eve that do not contain sugar and are available at PriceSmart.

And well, those are the breakfasts that I more or less usually prepare for my daughter and thank God, eating it at 9:15 am is good for her, really, as mothers we have to be resourceful, the most important thing is to keep our children fed. May God bless you!