He screwed up! Paola Jara’s gifts to Jessi Uribe for her birthday

This March 22 Jessica Uribe he turned 35, a day on which he was quite honored by his girlfriend, Paola Jarafamily and friends.

Through social networks, the singer showed everything he enjoyed, the gifts he received and the surprises they gave him.

Paola made sure that it was a very special day since the artist got up, because first she brought him a surprise breakfast in bed, then she prepared his favorite lunch, decorated a room with roses and balloons and, finally, she organized a party in the that there were singers, decorations with Jessi’s face and much more.

Likewise, the Santanderean was accompanied by his children, friends and other family.

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He even received some details from his fans, who sent him various surprises.

Jessi was very happy and grateful for so many signs of love.

In addition to the above, Jara made a publication on his profile, in which he expressed how in love and happy he was to have Uribe by his side.

“Today is the birthday of the love of my life. I thank God for your life, your health, your achievements, your company, your love, for the beautiful human being you are, with a noble heart. May there be many more years my love enjoying your presence in our lives. I love you with all my soul. Happy birthday my boy. God bless you today and always!” the paisa wrote along with a romantic photo of the two.

It should be remembered that days before the birthday, it was Jessi who surprised Paola with a gift that almost did not fit through the door.

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The interpreter of “Murió el Amor” was surprised because it was something that was not expected, because she said that they are things that the artist usually does.