He revealed a trick so that the avocado does not oxidize and everyone applauded it

In an era when gastronomy arouses great interest among users of social networksa Mexican chef named Jacobin became furious TikTok when revealed a little trick to prevent the avocado that is part of the guacamole oxidize and lose its original color and freshness.

The video of the woman with him tip to preserve intact that noble fruit known in Aztec lands as avocado went viral and was seen by more than 235,000 people.

Chef Jacobina’s tip to preserve the avocado that became all the rage on TikTok

To the kitchen with Jacobina account is called tiktok in which the self-styled “Jacobin Master” share all your cooking secrets. There, the woman, who is an experienced chef, shows some cooking recipes in short videos, but also little tricks to ensure that each dish or gastronomic product looks the best to seduce both the stomach and the eyes of the diners.

In this context, at the end of last May, Jacobin uploaded to her popular account in which she is followed by more than 1,300,000 followersa cunning guy to prevent the guacamole -traditional Mexican pasta made from avocado, with tomato, onion, lemon and other ingredients- it rusts.

The trick to prevent guacamole from oxidizing reached more than 235,000 reproductionsTikTok / alacocinaconjacobina

“I need the guacamole Nothing rusts on me, nothing, nothing, ”says her own Jacobin at the beginning of the video, while looking on a counter a metal bowl with guacamole inside. And next to it, a roll of plastic wrap.

Then the chef, dressed in a spotless white apron and a pin from the flag of Mexico on the lapel, he takes this cylinder in his hands and, as he takes out a piece of that paper, he begins to unfold his secret: “What I am going to do is put a piece of film, but let it touch my product, let it be at the bottom. That it really touches my product to remove all the oxygen and that way, it will not rust.”

Indeed, while saying this, the Jacobin chef He sticks the piece of film to the guacamole mass with his fingers, until both products are absolutely adhered to each other. “It is very important that it sticks well to the guacamole. That it is totally glued to the product. Don’t leave any air in it,” insists the woman, to finish off: “That helps prevent it from oxidizing and your avocado lasts longer.”

About the end, and to alert some inexperienced user in the kitchen or someone a bit clueless, Jacobin clarifies sympathetically: “Logical, must be consumed promptly, you are not going to leave him there for 15 days, my children. Let’s be practical, we have to use it”.

Guacamole is one of the most traditional products of Mexican gastronomy
Guacamole is one of the most traditional products of Mexican gastronomy

Right away, the practical suggestion of Jacobin received a remarkable 12,000 likes and tons of comments thanking you for the guy to preserve the avocado. “I will put it into practice, because I suffer when the guacamole oxidizes,” wrote one of his followers; “Thank you very much, teacher, very good advice”, wrote another user; “We do this in the restaurant, it is a very good technique. nothing rusts”, confirmed a third follower of the cook.

The truth is that the chef and tiktoker Jacobin She became a kind of star on that social network, where hundreds of thousands of followers already access her account to find recipes and practical tips to shine in the kitchen.