He bought food at a fair without looking at the price and when the bill came he couldn’t believe it

A man went to dinner and, without checking the price, decided to order a variety of dishes to try a little of everything. Once the meal was over and with the bill already in hand, he found himself with an unexpected cost. His indignation was so great that He decided go to the networks to share the terrible experience.

Within the culinary options that each country has to offer, there is a type of food called “street”. It is valued by both tourists and locals for various reasons. It’s tasty, you can eat it on the go, it’s easy to find and, what’s more, it’s a good way to get to know local customs quickly and easily. Among the many advantages, the fact that, compared to restaurants or bodegones, they tend to be very cheap.

To this is added the phenomenon of social networks, where it is common for users to share various tips for travelers with each other. Therefore, certain foods have become increasingly in demand by those who visit another country and want to eat cheaply. Tacos, a typical Mexican dish, easily fall into that category. and, in addition, they became very popular in recent years.

Tacos are a characteristic dish of Mexican cuisineshutter

Although this phenomenon can be a source of pride for all Mexicans who enjoy being able to share part of their culture, it also had a consequence that no one expected: the increase in prices. Being fashionable, many locals and food stalls began selling very expensive tacos as a way to capitalize on the interest of tourists.

Unfortunately for a Mexican neighbor, He went out to dinner unsuspecting and ate several tacos at a food stand where they charged much more expensive than usual. Angry at the situation, he decided to use social networks to share his outrage with other users. Likewise, he warned other possible diners not to go to said premises.

The man had to pay a total of one thousand 135 pesos
The man had to pay a total of one thousand 135 pesoshenry berger

Henry Berger, who starred in the story, posted a photo of the tacos he ate along with an image of the ticket specifying the total cost. For dinner, the man ordered tacos de pastor, asada and flank steak -names that refer to the different ways of preparing the meat that will be inside the corn tortilla as well as the types of sauces and vegetables that accompany the filling- and a couple of drinks.

The food was delicious and the night was progressing beautifully until the bill came. For each taco al pastor and asada they charged 165 pesos and, for the flank steak, 185. To this was added the cost of drinks and 10% of the service. In total, Henry paid 1,135 pesos. Commonly, In Mexico, this type of food is between 5 and 35 pesos, depending on where you buy it. Converted to Argentine pesos, he spent $6,251.94.

Outraged, the man made a post on his Facebook profile
Outraged, the man made a post on his Facebook profilehenry berger

“And so the fabulous taco bill at the strawberry fair. ‘Taqueria el norteno’, do not forget to ask costs before buying because then they take out even the eyes. Alv!” he wrote, indignantly, next to the postcard of his dinner. The exorbitant account generated a wave of reproaches on Facebook, the platform where the publication was made, and most users sided with Henry. As for the taqueria in question, they did not make any statement or give explanations about their high prices.