Have the perfect toast for breakfast for less than 25 with this offer from Lidl

Starting the day on the right foot is essential for the rest of the day to be perfect. For this reason, Lidl offers us a kitchen accessory that works perfectly and makes us enjoy a good breakfast. This toaster now on sale in the German store is one of the best options in its category, without a doubt.

In this sense, we could say that we are facing one of the most functional and practical toasters on the market. This Braun toaster on sale at Lidl It has some curious functions that make it a firm candidate for a faithful companion when it comes to preparing your breakfast.

And not only that, but this toaster is also available in more than one color, so you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen and matches the rest of the appliances you have. Next, let’s see all the features and functionalities that this has. offer toaster in Lidl.

All the functions of the Lidl toaster

There are many functions that we can find inside the toaster that Lidl has on offer. On the one hand, the most striking and main thing, since our objective is to toast the bread, is that we have a toaster with two slots to put toast. These slots are perfect for pan-type bread or some other type that is not excessively thick.

The offer toaster in Lidl is in two different colors

In addition to this, these two slots work with an automatic centering that places the pieces of bread right in the center of the heat so that they are toasted equally on all sides. It also includes a heating function in case our bread is already toasted and we just want to heat it up.

Another of the most useful functions of this toaster that you can get for less than 25 euros in Lidl is your stop button. Thanks to this button, if the bread has been inserted incorrectly or is already sufficiently toasted, we can remove it without waiting for the indicated time to pass.

Other useful features

To all the aforementioned functions, others must be added. It also includes a function defrostideal if we store frozen bread, and the manual bread lifter, essential if our bread gets a little stuck in the slot.

It also features a removable crumb catcher, plus an accessory for toasting larger buns. As far as safety is concerned, this toaster on offer at Lidl It has a heat-insulated casing, which ensures that we do not burn ourselves if we touch it from the outside while it is fully operational.

As we have already mentioned before, you can find This toaster on sale at Lidl in both white and black, so the final decision depends on the rest of your decoration. And, of course, its price of 24.99 euros, with a 10-euro discount, does not change if we choose one color or another.