Harvest, the national festival of the political thread

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Pure thread. Meetings here, there and there too. Crossing of glances, complicit silences and strident declarations. Faces and face. The National Harvest Festival is installed, in addition to being one of the most beautiful celebrations in the country, as the point chosen by departmental, provincial and national officials to build alliances, put together strategies, structures and see if any of their political ambitions have a foothold . It is a fabulous “who’s who” who already knew how to set the national agenda.

The Carousel started earlier than usual. And the calendar was adding meetings that were not in the orbit of the political tenement that surrounds the Harvest. And there, for example, appeared Patricia Bullrich at breakfast held at Los Toneles winery. A more than interesting strategy: the president of the PRO did not have strong competition that day. She avoided entering into competition with other figures and was responsible for attracting cameras and recorders.

From then on, there was an armistice that lasted just one night, between the serenade to the queens, the Via Blanca and the start of the Coviar breakfast. They were hours of relaxation, with a smiling Sergio Berniaway from his image as a tough and wayward man of extreme Kirchnerism, and testing whether his image measures anything outside the province of Buenos Aires.

At the Hyatt the peace is over. It was enough with the speech of José Zuccardi, head of the Argentine Wine Corporation, to break with the vintage coexistence. To this was added the institutional video with a metamessage -not so meta-, that made clear the importance that Cristina Kirchner has for those who are grouped in that organization.

It was so like that, that the Minister of Agriculture, Julian DominguezAssistant almost forced by the nature of his position, he must have been the only official of the National Executive who did not have to endure any affront. A lukewarm request to lower withholdings. But it was almost a suggestion.

Anabel Fernández Sagasti played her game. Its purpose was to capitalize on the new pension system for vintners. That is why he brought her to Fernanda Raverta, to show the muscle of her ancestry in Anses and continue marking the field (just in case) for the people of Mendoza who are in different areas of the national government.

Even the controversy that arose over who will handle the funds for a new stage of Proviar sounded quietly. These are millions of dollars provided by the Inter-American Development Bank for the Support Program for Small Wine Producers. Will Coviar manage them as before or will it go to the National Institute of Viticulture, that is the question. What’s at stake? Much of that budget is invested in contracts.

Alfredo Cornejo took what was seen on stage as rude. Kind of a stab in the back. Lack of codes. In his house, with a lot of referents from Together for Change among the guests, from Coviar they decided to speak in favor of the national government and avoid any type of criticism against the radicals Mario Negri, Martin Lousteau, Facundo Manes and Carolina Losadaby case; especially Manes, who was displayed everywhere as a novelty and he watered the province with his set phrases and common places.

The glove was picked up by Governor Rodolfo Suarez. His speech was more in tune with the situation of the wine sector and raised the needs that are of a macroeconomic nature and that only the Casa Rosada can solve.

The second chapter arrived at Lamadrid Estate Wine, the place chosen by Bodegas de Argentina for the midday entertainment. The traditional lunch, which had lost a certain weight in recent years, had a resurgence in this 2022 edition. Almost the entire provincial cabinet went to the Sáenz Peña street facilities in Luján and the ruling party took over the stop. Mayors, officials and guests of Together for Change.

There the singing voice was led by Enrique Vaquié. The provincial Minister of Economy tried to empower himself with the microphone. It was a long exposure; enough for the type of event. But his objective was to tell Julián Domínguez to his face what the situation is in Mendoza, a province where, according to Vaquíé, “the twine from Mendoza is taken care of, the mango is taken care of”.

All this happened in less than 48 hours, time in which, by the way, the couple of the moment never let go of each other’s hands.